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About City Home Tuition



City Home Tuition is an established private home tuition provider based in Abbottabad. Our tutors provide all subjects tuition for  (Montessori to 6th class) school children on a small group basis on weekdays after-school. In addition to the group tuition, our tutors also provide one-to-one (121) tuition across the Abbottabad area.


We Offer

  • Kids basic Learning through Animations (By using Computer Softwares) 
  • All subjects Coaching
  • Graphics designing web designing , Video Editing Tools Training
  • Basic Computer Training and much more


>> Our Aims                               

•In today's competitive world, educational examinations are introduced to children from a young age. As a result, children need the confidence to know that they can succeed.                                   

•The main aim of our home tuition programmes is to bridge the gap  between what is taught in school classrooms and what students actually learn. In particular, our tutors focus on the questions that students are not able to ask or obtain answers to  their day-to-day schooling and within their enviorment.                    

•In an encouraging and stimulating environment, our tutors enable students to feel empowered to ask these questions. Furthermore, our tutors ensure that they     answer these questions effectively so that no uncertainty remains. 

 >> Our Approach       

our programmes are structured with a 'back to basics' approach, i.e. not only covering the national curriculum but including core material which enables our student to gain a full understanding of the subjects as a whole,thus giving them the tools and confidence needed to successfully tackle exam questions.         

>Our Maths tuition lessons place strong emphasis on non-calculator (mental maths) skills as well as algebraic manipulation and problem solving. With the right teaching behind them.                  

>Our English tuition classes focus on the development of both oral and written skills as well as increasing our students' vocabulary by introducing extended vocabulary on a weekly basis. Our tutors know that the way to excel in English is to encourage our students to take an interest in being able to fully express themselves and our tutors then ensur that they provide our students with the necessary skill-set to enable them to achieve this.